Why Advanced Shower Doors?

Do you want the beauty of a frameless shower enclosure--but will accept only the highest level of craftsmanship? Then only Advanced Shower Doors will do. Specializing in the finest frameless shower enclosures, we’ll handle all phases of your project, from start to finish.

2007-2008 BEMA Award Winner
Most shower door installers join their glass panels with silicone. Advanced Shower Doors applies a much tighter, more durable and more streamlined bond, using a unique UV-welding process that allows the top of the door to be all glass, eliminating the need for a metal bracing. The welding process not only blends the glass panels into a smooth, single piece, but also provides an added layer of security—further preventing the fused parts from separating.

With dozens upon dozens of different hardware finishes available—from brushed or oil-rubbed bronze to stainless steel to 22-karat gold plate—it’s crucial to know how different metals may react to each other. Unlike other installers, who use primarily stainless-steel fasteners, we choose the metal that’s best for the surfaces to which it will be attached, avoiding corrosion and other problems that can result when metals and surfaces interact.

It’s equally important to know what kind of anchors to use. Whether we’re working with granite, porcelainized, or regular tile, we select from half a dozen different type fasteners to ensure that we choose what most suits your specific situation. After nearly three decades in the glass installation business, we know what works best with different kinds of surfaces, and we’re ready to share that expertise with you.

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About Us

Advanced Shower Doors has been serving the tri-state (NJ, NY, and PA) area for over 25 years. Winners of the 2007 BEMA (Bath Enclosure Manufacturers’ Association) Award, Advanced Shower Doors uses unique creation and installation methods that have earned the company national—and even international--distinction.

In fact, some of our clients have flown us thousands of miles to have us beautify their bathrooms. With our unmatched selection of hundreds of different exotic glasses—and our capability of creating custom glasses and molds--we’ve been called upon to handle installations in such far-flung locations as Bermuda, Florida, Georgia, and Vermont, among a growing list of locations.

Get and Keep the Look You Want
We offer many exquisite choices in frameless enclosure systems, each as elegant as it is functional. We fabricate our own tempered glass, offering you a thickness of either 3/8" or 1/2", with an optically-clear, polished edge that will increase your bathroom’s beauty and ambiance.

Choose from a large selection of hardware styles, with a wide array of finishes that will match your existing fixtures--or contrast with them just the way you like. Our premium-quality hardware requires a minimal amount of attention and will last for the lifetime of your enclosure.

To keep your glass looking new and spot free, we treat the entire surface with our invisible Sta-Seal protector and sealant. This non-toxic, protective coating repels water from the glass, making daily cleaning with a squeegee fast and easy.

Our durable shower enclosures will provide years of enjoyment as they add to the value of your home. And with a little care and maintenance, your frameless glass enclosure will prove virtually worry-free.

We’re Not Just Shower Doors
Advanced Shower Doors can also handle all of your mirror needs. We’ll cover complete walls and supply vanities, back splashes, dressing mirrors, and much more. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.